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Originally Posted by timberghost View Post
I use whatever is made available to me. I mean if I lose one and need another the wife goes and buys any kind and I will use it. Once she got me a no name from the local home and auto store and it worked well. I even had the freak once myself but lost it or broke it or something. That was the one that strapped to your leg right?
Yes it is I hated the strap but I love the sounds it produces
I too use a gobbler, mouth & box calls but seems the slate never fails to draw that bird in for me

TG I have noticed too sometimes it really doesn't matter what call you use
2 years ago I was scouting & the exhaust heat sheild had a rattle every time I gave the truck some throttle I got Gobbles NO KIDDING I had a tom running down the road behind me tobad I couldn't carry the truck through the woods It would really have been my fav. call
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