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Originally Posted by cajundeerhunter View Post
Hello, I just thought you would like to know that my New Frontier 50 cal magnum inline blew up in my face in october.If I had known then what I know now I would have destroyed it.First of all there is no such thing as a magnum muzzle loader the makers of prodex state on all packages to never for any reason load more than 2- 50. GR. pellets in your firearm.I had owned this gun for 3 years and always used the same load 2- 50gr. pellets and a 385gr. bullet.After sighting it in I decided to shoot a few more times I had fired the gun 6 times when I fired the 7th shot it blew up in my face causeing several large blast injuries (large holes) to my left arm and also causeing a traumatic cateract.I would strongly advise you not to use this gun.But if you insist then atleast go and look at this website first. WWW.CVAGUNCASES.COM. Your new gun is sold by CVA so go take a look at this site then you decide. John
That website is owned by the ambulance chasing lawyer whos great close friends with randy wakeman. Its basically a scare tactics website to steer buyers into the savage market.

Wakeman will defend pictures of blown up savages to the point where he gets down right psycho.
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