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dont get me wrong Tator. im not saying all thats stuff aint good. im just saying that is is not all required for salvation. And that i dont think that you need to strive for perfection to please god. i will more than likely will never be a chirch on sunday guy. i used to go, but never felt like god was there. not saying i did not bielieve at the time, just saying i did not feel his presance there. and wile there i met so many people who would be the perfect christian wile there on sunday, but come monday there were the worst back stabing talk trash about eachother people iv ever met. Again not saying you are one of them, or if you go to chirch that you are one of them. iv always felt the presance of god wile out in nature, enjpying the glorry of his creation of it. wether it be sitting in the tree stand and all the tranquility of the woods. standing on a river bank watching the way the water rolls off the rocks, and the way the water ripples at the lower part of were it pools. or sitting around a campfire. to me god is in all these places. also i dont like being preached at. i like having conversations about him much more. that is way i do not go to chirch.
i do feel that i have a relationship with jesus. i do pray to him. more often than not i am not prying for myself, usualy for people around me. when i do pray for myself it more often than not is not for spaciffic thing, but more for guidence, wisdome, and strength. though i am guilty of praying for a good harvest wile out hunting. i also some times feel call to do something by him, and when i do, i listen.
as for congrgating with other christans. is that not what were are doing right now, right hear in the chirstan corrner? i aslo talk to other christans at work.
as for witnessing to the unsaved. i think going about it in the wrong way can do more harm than good. i make no secret about the fact that i am a christain. if someone wants to hear about God, im not afraid to talk to them about him. or if they find there way into a conversation about him that i am having with a fellow chirstain. but i think trying to walk up to randome people and preach his word to them is counter productive. if you make them uncomforatable in the way you aproch them, they will hear non of what you have to say, and will not want to hear it again in the future. kind of like how most people feel when mormons know on there door at 6 am on a saterday. all they will want to do is push you away. just what i have seen and experianced, your experiances may be different.
now yes i know i will have to answer for my sins. i have prayed for forgivness for them, and know i still sin. but i do not sin nearly as much, or as baddly as before truly exepting christ as my savior. i do not try to live a perfect live, but i do my best not to break any of the ten comandments. and when i do i imeadiatly pray for forgivenss for it and go back to trying not to do it again. i do not worry about other things like swaring, smoking, and drinking. and what not. i figure if god was to worryed about them he would have made more than 10. allthough i do try to live a better life. i was a real animal before exepting christ. now i do think i am a good guy.
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