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Originally Posted by jsay View Post
I've been using a 30-06, but have never used a .270. I saw in the replies to Hick Chick's post that some of you say the .270 is more accurate. Most of the hunting I do is in open spaces. Should I try one out & see if it works better for me?
There's no need to switch Calibers.
the .270 vs. the .30-06 of course there's difference's but just because the .270 is the best choice for one hunter
doesn't mean it's the best choice for every hunter and vise versa with the .30-06.
Some hunters are just more confident with the .30-06, It's just personal preference really, that's pretty much what
it's going to boil down to when comparing the 2 calibers.
I have a .270 and A .30-06 I PREFER MY .270 ONLY beause I'm more accurate with the .270
The 30-06 has more hitting power and more Bullet choices But you have to be confident with the weapon you're hunting with.
I could use my .30-06 to hunt with but i'm more confident with my .270

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