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And here i thought it was me!

I took my nephews wolf out this after noon with the 3 basic bullets we shoot, and at 75 yards i was punching some really good groups with 100gr BH209 and the 300gr Powerbelt Platinums. Every darn 3rd shot would throw off target badly though!

After i got everything adjusted i figured, take it inside scrub her nice and clean and then this evening when the temp is a lot cooler, take a few shots and get all 3 into the hole.

So i go outside, set all my stuff up, new target, load the gun, sit down, look through the scope and the freakin cross hairs are pointed way high up in the scope!

This scope has always had a rattle to it in the rear section of the scope. Well what ever is back there, popped loose and now has to be returned for replacement to bushnell.

Just when you have something going good, it breaks!
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