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Tator. im going to have to agree with you on one of your points. and disagree with you on another. yes it is sad to see good people die, before they hav had the chance to exept jesus as there savior, because we all know that without doing so they will not be going to a better place. but i do have to disagree with our point of view about just beliveing not being enugh. once you have exepted god, and jesus as your savor, you will be going to a better place when you die. that is why he is called our savior. not saying you can just say it, not realy bieleve it, go out and commit horable crimes and expect a free ride to heaven. but i do bileve thay once you have truely exepted jesus as your savor, let him into your life, pray for forgivness for your real sins (not every little stupid thing you have ever done, but were you did do some really meesed up stuff.) and try not to do thoughs things any more, and pray for forgivness if you fail. then you are saved. i do not bieleve you must read the bible front to back 10 times, or go to chirch every sunday, or try your best to be mother teressa to go to heaven. you only have to truley exept jesus, and try to be a better person than you were before exepting him and your going to heaven.
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