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Originally Posted by Hunting Man View Post
The problem with major sports is we pay to see them and they laugh all the way to the bank! I'll take a quiet stream and a small spinning rod/reel and be happier than ever sitting and watching dopers, liars, cheaters, collecting my money. Sports and government working for our future.

I like baseball the best fellas... yes there are alot of them out there that are just like HM said dopers, liars, cheaters but it's definately not as bad as the NBA and NFL. Comon' you can't even watch either one of those two without some show-boating going on. I used to LOVE watching Magic, Bird and Jordan play all the time growing up. Now days, I can't stand to watch one minute of the NBA. It's pathetic they jog constantly and there's no plays they are running, just every man for himself. It's a joke. I say make it more interesting, Make the rim 12ft high in the NBA and the court 1/2 size bigger. Maybe then there will be more challenge. Dunks are a dime a dozzen.

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