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Originally Posted by spiker View Post
Like i said turner i agree a waste of money.Now for Rose what he did was wrong and he doesnt belong in hall either and he is paying a price.The fact im stating is dont compare maguires,sosas,ramirez,palmeros,bonds to roses achievements.His stats are legit and he declined with age like he should have.The steroid boys were cheaters and complete hacks.Most of em could hardly field a position.You tell me where maguire,canseco,ramirez play on the big red machine.What was Rose did was wrong but it should not tarnish his stats.He did not cheat to become a better player.

I agree with you spiker! I'm not condoning what Mcgwire did, I'm just saying he did the right thing. I would have to say in this situation, he had two legit choices, admit to his guilt or plead the 5th. And comon' who in this country doesn't believe when a person pleads the 5th that they aren't guilty as can be? It was obvious he was guilty, but he pleaded the 5th. He waited till the time was right on his terms (and who doesn't like to admit to doing wrong on their own terms and at their own time?!?!). Brings me back to a time when I was 16 and I got caught going 55mph in a 25mph and it just so happened to be a school zone (middle of summer though). I waited until the following Sunday, IN CHURCH to tell dad. Did I do the right thing, I sure as heck think so.

BB chose to lie about it from the start. He even got defensive and selfish. He started lashing out at fans and reporters (I can understand the lashing at reporters anways!) and it was all due to his egocentric lifestyle. It's all about BB in his world. No one else matters. I honestly believe that after awhile he actually started to believe he didn't juice up. HA how funny?
Funny pic below! hahaha

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