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I am not a BB fan, simply someone disappointed that the Federal Government was so adament about getting nosey about baseball's workings and then got all hissy about the fact that someone might have lied to them!! The unmitigated gall of that... someone lying to the government. Of course the Government can lie to you...... (and that seems to cost them nothing!)

Now as far as "doping" and gambling goes, IMHO there is nothing worse than a participant, coach or referee gambling on games. That strikes to the very core of fair play, hard play and ethical behavior (again in my humble opinion). I think Pete Rose was a great player. He earned and deserved the nickname "Charlie Hustle". But that does not excuse him from breaking the cardinal rule amongst any and all "ballplayers". Betting simply opens the door, widely, to speculation that what occurred is not really what might have occurred.

There was another pretty good ballplayer that paid the ultimate by being linked to gambling and perhaps throwing a World Series as well. Go ahead and google Joe Jackson and see if he wasn't as good a player as PR, but was also banned in the prime of his career for the same type rumors and inuendos.

Think about what crossed your mind 3 or 4 years ago when an NBA ref was found to have gambled on games he was involved in......
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