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Originally Posted by Hunting Man View Post
Doping is wrong no matter how you look at it. No hall of fame for BB if I was voting.

I absolutely, 100%, with out a doubt, completely, AGREE!

If you and I lied to the government about something, we'd be in court too. Not a BB fan at all, can't stand the guy. To hear someone say "he's a good guy" makes me cringe. How can someone who is so egocentric and selfish be called a "good guy". Maybe it was seeing him take up half the sportscenter every morning, but in my opinion, BB is fake and he's went about this whole thing the wrong way. He care about numero uno and that is IT. If BB don't like it, BB ain't doing it. He's an act.

McGwire in my eyes, did the right thing. Look where he's at now? He didn't lie, he wasn't selfish in his career and egocentric like BB. Mcgwire pleaded the 5th and everything thought he was dumb for doing so. But as an AMERICAN that is our right. Then when all this buzz died down, he came out and admitted. He did not LIE about anything. Now he's coaching in the majors. Canseco, BB, Ramirez and all the others are at home crying to themselves about their lies and washed up careers.

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