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Our Government completed it's case against Barry Bonds today. The verdict? Well, I'll call it kinda mixed. They decided (that's what juries do) that Bonds had been somewhat deceptive in some of his answers on a previous go-round with the G-ment.

Everything else.... no opinion. H*ll I couldda told you no opinion a year ago. Why did they waste our money?

If the continued expenditure of monies trying to "convict" an athlete that NEVER EVER tested positive for steroids makes sense to you, well you ain't thinkin' like me. If you think he may have done something wrong... well, go ahead and think it.

I will tell you this much. Whatever BB did was ABSOLUTELY NOT detrimental to his team. He was trying to do well, not harm his team. (ever heard of gambling...??)

Why the fed gov thinks they have any interest in this is waaaaay beyond me. But, perhaps some of you understand. Do you not think some used these drugs before they were ever even talked about? Before they were tested for? Before they had been had??

A major waste of time for our country, a major waste of money that might have been used for "poor people".

It's a major case of the government wasting what I pay.... maybe you do too, maybe not.
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