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I got the buck roar this week after hearing all of the hype. got out yesterday afternoon and set up my ground blind. After settling in for about a half hour I gave it a good loud grunts, just like the video, and ten minutes later a nice buck came strolling into the area, but he spotted the blind before he got close enough and took off wheezing. About an hour before dark I gave another couple of roars. Sure enough ten minutes later a doe snuck up from behind and walked within 5 feet of the blind. She stopped and was looking right at me and also looking around the area. She would take a step or two and look around again, but I was frozen. Could she see me? Or was I just a strange black hole in th brush? She bagan to stomp around and was getting further away where I felt a little better about moving a bit, At about twenty yards she turned and set up the perfect shot. THWACK!!
For those of you haven't read my previous posts, it was just a few weeks I was beginning to worry if I would ever see a deer. So thanks to all of those who gave advise, I got my fist deer!!! sorry but I did not get a pic. But I promise to get one of my first buck and post it.
As for the Buck Roar. Coincidence? maybe, but I have to believe it brought those deer to me.
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