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Originally Posted by hunt NH View Post
thanks guys. things were to bissy to do the interview fryday. gona have to do it some time next week. havent even desided if i will even take it if its offerd. just through my name in the hat to see what the job intailed, what the pay would be, and if i was even qualifyed for th position. they know this. i would be a fool not to atleast see what its all about, but that dose not mean i have to take the position.

One thing I've learned in my short life span is this,,, make sure it's right for you and the way you do that is by praying to God yourself. Make sure this is something you want to do and not just something that will give you a better pay or benefits. It's important to be happy with what you do. There are many people out there who don't have that privelege, but you do what the Lord is calling you to do! I'm sure you will excel in whichever choice you or they make!
I'll be praying for ya brother!

James 1:2-8
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