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It took many years of hunting to realize that when I used a variable scope I was leaving it on one setting. Usually right around 4x. It didn't take much thought to make me try a fixed scope.

I had used one back in the 50's when I hunted with a Winchester 94 30-30. The 30-30 had a limited range, and the 4x scope was perfect. Later when I went to more powerful guns I needed a scope with more range.

Now i'm a 100% muzzleloader hunter. I'm back in the 30-30 range, and the 4x is perfect again. I don't feel limited at all. Actually, I feel it's the perfect scope for a ML.

For me.

It does have some added advantages. I get a lot of scope for a reasonable price. With less moving parts they are bullet proof. With less lenses to look through they seem clearer to me, but that may be in my mind. Shorter and lighter.

I'm not tempted to use it to spot game. A no no with any warden.
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