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I don't own a single fixed power scope. Not really sure why. I do adjust my scopes every hunting day starting out on 3-4 and moving up after solid daylight. Funny how we all set up our equipment different ways for different purposes. I remember in the dark timber elk hunting I did the same thing 4x in the dark stuff and then 7-9x in the open grass fields for the evening. I take nothing from fixed power scopes I just am a vari-power scope guy. In today's good scopes I don't see a quality issue with either type of scope. If I did set up a rig with a fixed power scope I'd have to think pretty seriously on a 6X Leupold with at least a 40mm obj lens or bigger. My Weatherby rifles have 3x9x44 scopes on them and they are clear and bring in a lot of light. I do have an old Baush and Lomb (spell?)fine hair 4X from the 60's that's never been on a gun. It was my Dad's but never had a use for it. It doesn't have adjustments so needs adj rings. If anyone would be interested in it let me know.
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