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Originally Posted by tator View Post
Let me get this straight... that's your ball? WOW now that's impressive! Not sure if I'd sell it myself,,, but good luck to you!
It belongs to our family and the other heirs to the estate that it passed through. I sent it one month ago to the auction house. Previously, I researched the history of the ball and contacted that auction company and then contracted with them to sell it by 7 May in their once a year auction.

Because the baseball was already 100 years old, we figured it would likely gain little additional value. Also it was valuable enough that it has been kept in a safe deposit box the last few years. Leaving it out in the sunlight to simply enjoy is risky also, because of the harm the light does with signatures that old. All signatures are figured to be between 100+ and 70+ years old.

Something else you might find interesting is the fact that if no other signatures had ever been added to the original ball with Mathewson's signature, the ball would now be worth much more as a single signature basball (Christy Mathewson). Within the last 3-4 years a similar ball with only Mathewson's signature sold for over $150,000.

The addition of the other signatures actually lessens the value of the ball even though there are at least four additional Hall of Fame players' signatures included, among them Babe Ruth. The auction house seems to think this may be the only baseball in existence with both Babe Ruth's and Christy Mathewson's signature on it though. They are two of the original five players inducted initially into the baseball HOF in 1936.
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