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honesly, each time something "new" pops up it doesn't surprise me. I think everyone would be shocked at how many coaches cheat in the NCAA. It's unbelievable. You can't hardly find a good ethical and moral coach anymore. heck the other night I watched Kentucky vs. UCONN and all I could think about the whole game was "I wonder how much all these players on the floor are already getting paid?" you know they all are. ESPECIALLY under those two cheaters they call coaches. That also doesn't surprise me about Ohio St. and the sex thing. That's been a long standing "perk" of D-1 schools... that's what draws most of those 18 year old guys in.. not the school name or the reputation or the chance to play... the girls.. there more girls that are interested in him the more likely he's coming. They're like leaches. And believe me, the coaches know how to use these girls. How far from prostitution is this??? Dare I ask?

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