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The bulk of my 25 acres is hardwood. I have created 1/2 acre plots inside the woodlot where sun and moisture do get in.
Every spring I till and can't keep up with the new weed growth because it all comes up at once. So, this year I thought I would get a jump on weeds with a frost seed and see how that works, only $36.00 for the 2 acres I plan on seeding... won't break me.
I cannot grow turnips as my clay soil just holds so much moisture and they don't like to get their feet wet, been there done that... clover just takes off on my prop. My soil ph last year started at 5.5 I got it up around 6.0 with the help of some lime spreading.

I like the plots as they keep the doe grazing right in the area while fawns are close by... one pitfall is heavy browse noticed from lack of seedlings, I need to work on that and prune and fertilze 10 acres of apple trees.
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