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I read a study the other day that said 90% of Americans think they are going to heaven. But only 10% have actually accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior.

I think it's extremely sad that people now days think that getting to heaven can be done by just doing good works or being a good person. It takes more than that.

Does anyone find it also very disturbing that many people in this country will believe in life in outer space and aliens and ufo's but they won't believe in God and/or Jesus? If you're going to believe something that extreme then why is it so hard to acknowledge that Jesus came to earth and died for our sins? and that God is a forgiving God as long as you accept him as your savior and ask for forgiveness for your sins?

I just don't get it sometimes.... Americans can be extremely stubborn. Believe me, I know, I have family members that are this way....

James 1:2-8
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