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Hey Ronn, I used the Gorilla tree arm when I was in the tree. Its just a low quality arm that was given to me and the head doesn't swivel very well. I didn't have any practice with using a tree arm before I made this video so it was a good camera mount to play around with. Its time for an upgrade... any suggestions??
i hear ya there. it works but that is about it. that muddy camera arm was real sweet. but its around 200+ bucks, i think, but smooth as silk. way more than i want to spend right now. if you want info on videoing the boys in pa, md, del, alot of it. check out these guys do tons and tons of video and are flippin good at it. alot of them have gone to HD now. its fun. i got a couple good turkey hunts on tape and mini dvd but its hard trying to get enough for a hour long dvd. i wish i could share but i unfortunately don't know how to share a 10 min video.

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