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Carrying capacity is undoubtedly being challenged by the abundance of turkey we now have. What I'm talking about is not an overabundance of deer but an actual "splitting" of the herd into two distinct breeding groups... the "regular herd" that comes into esterous when they should, and another resulting from an unusual number of really late fawns maturing and going into esterous as much as two months later! (both herds not exceeding the carrying capacity of the areas involved) I've seen fawns (really young, with spots still on, as late as october, in region 4a and 7j, where I normally hunt, but began seeing this trend as long as ten years ago in 4o! What concerns me is that it has become a more regular sighting, not a rare (every once in a while). Ive seen numerous coyotes in 40 and several in both othre areas as well. I followed cougar tracks in 4o (where DEC say there are none) as far back as ten years ago in 40 as well.
Predation is what it is. However, I'm wondering what if anything this "split herd" will cause!? In several ways it may be good, in other ways, not.
Perhaps the offshoot will be a later hunting season? or. a late fawn season? (hope not)
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