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H&R UltraSlug all the way

Let me begin by saying that I am 65 years old and have owned numerous designated slug guns during my life. About 5 years ago I joined a hunting club in NJ and noticed that 5 of our members owned and used H&R UltraSlug guns for deer hunting. Every year we would have a sighting-in day at a local range. The targets these 5 guys brought in after shooting were impressive to say the least. I mean we are talking 3-shot groups that ranged from a single jagged hole to wide cloverleafs from a sandbagged benchrest at 100 yds. All 5 guys sight their weapons to hit 3 1/2" high at 50 yds and all 5 use different sabot slugs.

Since the average 3-shot group out of my Mossberg 500 with a rifled barrel and open rifle sights was around 10 inches, I decided right then and there to get a 12 Ga. H&R UltraSlug with a good scope. Back to the range I went and proceeded to sight my new gun in. I followed their advice and bought 8 different sabot slug brands and lengths. While every sabot slug I tried beat the performance I was used to out of my Mossberg 500, my gun seemed to prefer the 3" Federal Barnes Expander. In 4 seasons of hunting with my UltraSlug, I have taken 6 deer. My farthest shot to-date was on a farm in Hunterton County. The 10 pointer dropped when hit at 93 paces from my stand. I have since traded my Mossberg 500 in on a Limbsaver recoil pad and what should be a lifetime supply of 3" Federal Barnes Expander sabot slugs.

Everyone is different and everyone has their own preferences but when you drop 6 out of 6 deer with one shot and none go more than 3 feet after being hit, you develop a fanaticism about the gun you used to do that. I love my H&R UltraSlug and you couldn't buy it from me for $1,000.00. It shoots far better than I can hold. My hat is off to H&R for making a quality gun at a reasonable price.

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