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The thing I love about it ronn is the absolute uncertainty of who's going to win. So far I'm not doing too bad... hoping Notre Dame wins tonight... we'll see. Wanted to see Ohio St. lose today, but they looked STRONG. Duke squeeked by barely and I have them winning the 'ship. That's got me scared. Tell me something, HOW WELL did BYU look last night?!?!?! WOW they are my sleeper... (not officially) but in my mind yes! hahaha
really think its anyones game after tonight. its a crap shoot. i didn't see nd. look at pitt. carried on high and then what? temple was a great game and there were a couple others. duke looked good the last couple times i saw them but so did osu. i do like the blue devils. just figuring the odds of a repeat and went with ohio. the only ones out of it are those that picked pitt or any other team thats out. any team after tonight could win it all. thats how i tied for first on dhc last year, i had duke to win it all.
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