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I make 38,000 a year throwing 20,000pnds of garbage a day.I have 2 artificial disks in my neck if you wanna come do my job anyday your welcome to it.The average private sector worker makes more than me by 13%.Tell your local emts ,cops,firemen ,and nurses that you think there their parasites.Come on and throw some garbage with me in august when its 90 outside.Oh and im not pro obama.You should go work at Walmat they would love you.Pay you crap and treat you like it to.Now my pressure is up c ya.
i am an local emt-i and firefighter or was (call company) come do my job does your skill set meet the pay grade? i'll throw garbage heck i'll pull a sewer pump come play in the septic with me. your 38000 is for what 20? 25 years? then its 38000 for the rest of your life? meaning 38 for 25 plus that again for 50 more not to mention during that 50 tax payers are still paying yet another union worker so if you break it all down its 3 times for 25 years than 6 times for 25 more, all on the taxpayers shoulders? by the way after you retire you get hit with the new round of retires and if you live long enough, which you should hopefully, you'll get the next round as well. how is it payed for? taxes go up. being on a set income are you sure thats what you want? the cost even though you are only getting it once the cost trips for you cause you aren't working any more and then there is your replacement.

yup i gross ok but it took me 25 years to get there and when i need a new hip, not far from now, and the disks in my back fixed, needed soon, im not asking anyone to do it for me.

unions are parasites, the members are most of the time great people that work hard but don't see that for every thing the unions SAYS they are giving them they are taking the equal or even more in the big/long term picture.
that means at 38 a year the cost is 3 times that a year by the time the balance sheet comes to an end. how is this sustainable? its not, and thats what we are seeing. states just can't afford to justify the cost of 3 years for only a years labor

didn't say you were pro obama. i said the union was. do the math after that. keep supporting the union and you'll keep supporting obama whether you like it or not and that is yet another example of why unions are the ruination of this country.

not to mention i did take a job at wally. whats wrong with that? got a problem with a guy working what he has to? besides they got it right. if you work your rear off and try to progress there is room for you to do so. in other words the cream can rise to the top. you want to be a tennis pro, you can at wal-mart. airplane pilots work for wal-mart

where does it say anywhere that a person only has to work for 25 years and get payed for the rest of their life? how does anyone even make this cost effective? it can't work and we are seeing that now across the country.

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