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I agree HM the greed is astonishing on both sides of this one.It is a union thing its about negotiations.This b.s. assault on unions is a joke Ronn.What will make you private sector people happy sweatshops.You should be screaming at wall st,and the big corporations.Middle class state employees are not responsible for the demise of this country.You wouldnt of had that attitude if you grew up in buffalo.Your family would ve worked in bethlehem steel and they all wouldve been union.Thats not a fair statement to make and i take offense to it.
i said don't get me started but you did. so here's the problem with unions its a long list so....

1 they protect slackers
2 they don't allow the cream to rise to the top. meaning if someone is very very good at their job the union holds them to the standard set by the union.
3 if you pay a guy 10 and hr you need to figure thecost of a 10 an hr employee at 20 just to break even after all costs are figured in and if he is in the union 40.
4 this very thing drives up the cost of EVERYTHING which is a major reason co move over seas or they raise the cost of goods and services on the other 88% of the pop thats not union. this includes the elderly, the very poor, and those just getting by.
5 unions don't allow pay what the guy is worth.
6 public unions!? that money comes from payers that work till they fall over dead and pay for the union guy to retire after 25 years with health care and full pay till he dies.
7 12% of the population are in unions and they hold more power than the other 88%
8 most times its last in first out as with teachers keeping the highest payed teachers on the pay roll and very likely tossing a young brilliant teacher out of a job. i saw a teacher say her desk was closed during the class day. she is protected by the union
9unions are there for their own well being now, not like back in the day when they were there to protect the worker. beside any one with a set will protect themslevs and not trade one master for another.
10 they take labor money and give it to the dems. thats is like the money given to the rep by the banking industry and pharmaceuticals combined. dems by the way that want to take guns end hunting plus other things.
11 they in return for their donations get special perks from the dems once in power. example is big labor is except from this unconstitutional health care law.
12 and there is other stuff that po's me the list is ends less and for every plus i can give you a negative.
13unions and the whole idea of them is borderline communist.

a guy total me to look at it this way. a big company set out a plate of 12 cookies on a table with himself, a union guy, and a non union guy at the table. the big company took eleven and told the non union guy watch out for the union guy he wants your cookie. thats the way my buddy looked at it.

i told him the same story but the change was the big company guy said i'm taking eleven cookies and if you guys don't like it go bake your own cookies. what is wrong with that

the point being that union worker thinks somehow they are owed more than whatever they are getting and the non union guy is working his rear to surpass all limitations asking for no special favors. no one to fight for him, but to let his skills and worth speak for itself and place his own demands.

ok i'm done with obama's pals the unions
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