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I'm not sure what the problem is with your gun.

I can't get a second sabot loaded when I use T7. I get stuck at the crud ring. One time I tried to clean the crud ring, and the patch got stuck. I was hunting and had to go home to remove the ramrod. That's when I threw out all the T7 I had.

Now, i'm not exaggerating. I can shoot my Omega for 30 shots with tight sabots and not swab using BH 209. This is really important to me. I refuse to swab while hunting, and now I don't have to with BH 209. I don't even bother taking a jag or patches with me anymore. I take 5-6 speedloaders with powder, bullets and primers held in them, and all I need is the gun ramrod to load. It's a simple system that I love. A 2nd shot is actually an option now.

BH 209 has made muzzleloading fun now.
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