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Originally Posted by Hunting Man View Post
FG, when you are shooting off a fancy rest that all you do is pull trigger and some do that for you it's really not shooting, it's more machine test firing. I would venture to say if I can shoot 1" groups off a rolled up piece of carpet then I bet most all in-lines will do what your CVA's can do. I'd be willing to take that bet. I can get bullets that touch holes without a fancy rest so lets not brag those CVA's up too much here.
Huntingman, my brother in law thought the same thing and even said, when i put 3 shots into the same hole, you have to go onto the forums and tell them that i am a better shot than you!!!! Well he took his 3 shots and after he had a nice 8" string and i had a 5 shot group that measured 1 1/4" with 4 shots measuring 7/8" he learned pretty well its not just the fancy rest that helps me with my shooting.
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