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Vermonts Rifle season opens Nov.10 2007

Vermots Rifle season runs from NOV. 10th 2007 through NOV. 25th 2007. Good luck to all the Vermont hunters.

Phillip and I will be heading into our hunting spots at about 6:00 am. It's going to be a super cold hunt. Hunting in freezing temps is new to Phillip,
it was't like this last year which was his first year.
It was 28 Degrees at 6:00 am this morning, Tomorrow's going to be the same. THAT's [/SIZE] [SIZE="2"]
Ahhhhh what we hunters willingly endure. I spent most of this morning gathering everything I'll need and making sure everything is ready for the hunt.
A last minute Cleaning on the Rifle is something I've always done, so that's taken care of too. I'm all ready... If and when I bag the big boy, I'll be sure and post some pics ...

Wish Me Luck!!!!

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