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Yes the SD card slot spring was broken I did not realize that this camera needed the SD card to function. card would fall out. thought I could just tape it in there. worked for a second then would not even power up
for $50 I thought I would spend to see if I liked the cam rather then $100
All I wanted was a camera that took pic's not worried about the best quality pic as long as I know what it is in the pic tested it & takes very nice pic's not as good as your Bushnell but nice & now that my daughter wants to try Turkey hunting I am saving to find a good cheap 20Ga
I love that she likes hunting with Dad but I think I am going to be broke fast rifle for her, new bow for me, bow for my oldest (doesn't hunt just likes to shoot with dad) all purchased last year
I will set the camera out this weekend if the snow is not to soft. Still up over my knees & see what I can get on it
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