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You're gonna have to splain to me....

So, here we are again. Players and owners cannot solve the 9 BILLION DOLLAR question as to what should we make now??? The owners?? Well they have to worry somewhat about fans showing up at the stadiums. The players??, well they simply are supposed to show up and play, collecting the $$$$$ they agreed to collect.

The Comissioner??, well he makes $10,000,000. a year. THAT'S TEN MILLION!!! So some of you might be able to turn that into a number you can relate to; that is over $192,000. a week. You all may laugh (no problem!), I've never made $192,000. in two years ever, combined!!

I happen to be a retired military pilot, who works in a 2nd career and also own 5 houses as investments. Nope, not even close to well off, but I figure I'll eat dinner every day next week and, even the thought of $192,000 earned in a year makes me salivate here & now!!

My meager thoughts on the subject? No one demanded the players sign their contracts and play in the NFL. Perhaps they have another, better skill that they could sell elsewhere?? Oh, maybe some did not choose to finish the education that someone was willing to give them in trade for their playing football??

Do the players, because of their high $$$$$$$$$$$$ believe they are more important as the coach or even the owner?? Well, when I was young, I recall players calling their coaches, Mr Lombardi or Mr Landry. But, again, remember I'm pretty old (not even near retirement age!!!!)

Yes, you have seen & read my contempt for the players here. They had options. They chose to put all their eggs in the NFL basket, and I, for ONE, don't see just how they are suffering.

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