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Been doing some research on the internet about this topic. Wanted to see what everyone thinks about this recipe below...
I am a big believer in trophy rock. They claim it brings the bucks in the area to that rock and it's the truth. The only problem is I feel really, really, really, really, really, guilty buying a $15 ROCK when I got family at home that needs taking care of. I have bought 3-4 of those trophy rocks before and they do bring the bucks in. Try it and see for yourself.

NOW... getting back to what I was saying, found this recipe for a mineral lick area that you can mix up and it's relatively inexpensive. I'm all about giving the deer the minerals they need to help them grow and stay healthy. After all, I don't want a malnourished deer.

Here's the recipe- let me know what you think or if you have tried this before.

1 part Dicalcium Phosphate (50lb sac)
2 parts Trace Mineral Salt (red kind) (50lb sac)
1 part stock salt (or ice cream salt) (50lb sac)

Use a 3lb coffee can to mix solution up. Dig a 3' around hole x 6" deep. till the dirt/clay/mix up w/a hoe or shovel. Then dump in your mineral lick (about 5 gal worth). Cover back up with dirt and pour 5 gal. water on top (optional).
Repeat 2-3 months later. After first two applications, repeat every 6 months.
This should cost right around $20-$25, but you'll have enough to do 1-2 years worth OR you can make multiple mineral lick areas depending how large your hunting area is. Recommended 1 mineral lick per 100 acres.

**now there was a guy who recommended using another ingredient instead of the stock salt. He called it Beast Feast. Here's the recipe for it. Use the same amount as the stock salt in the recipe above...

5 parts Wheat Bran
2 parts sweet brown sugar
6 packs of strawberry jello mix
(I would assume use a smaller measuring device rather than the coffee can)

This guy claimed the beast feast worked better than the salt, plus it gave an attractant smell and aroma for the deer.

I think I'll stick with the Stock Salt.

Thoughts.. Ideas..????
your first recipe is one i know of and its a good one with one change. the deer like it.

the thing is you need to have it out in the spring and run it for years for the deer to get the full benefit from it. it does a load of good for the deer, does, fawns and bucks. the only problem is that i know of is the rock salt. its illegal in a lot of states and its only there to get the deer to eat it. its not really that good for them. instead of rock salt try the acorn scent mineral form moultrie. one bag, i think its 10 lbs, per 25lb di-cal, 50 lb trace mineral. the other thing i've heard that has great success replacing the rock salt is green apple gelatin, not 25 lbs but enough to get the deer to eat it.

one other note is di-cal here is 45 a bag but only because they have to order it in.

here is why its a good thing. the di-cal and trace mineral helps with lactation in with the does and healthier fetuses, and in turn grows bigger healthier fawns, that in turn grow bigger organs, which in turn grows bigger bucks/deer which in turns grows bigger head gear, or in the case of does grows bigger fawns and it starts all over again.

the minerals that a buck gets first goes to grow the body if the organs are smaller this in turns produces a smaller animal. if the organs are large this in turn means a bigger animal needing even more mineral and the extra minerals go to antler growth.

here is why its considered a bad thing by some. it concentrates the deer and helps spread disease. i don't believe its any different than the apple tree that drops the apples first concentrating the deer int the same way.

some think its bating but its really not. by the time deer season rolls around the deer aren't even on the mineral. the demand is for it is over until growing babies or rebuilding bodies from a long rut and winter.

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