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i have the rock chucker, rcbs, its slow but thats a good thing if you are building ammo that your season may depend on. the turret type presses are good for mass quantities. i haven't reloaded for a long while, since about 95, only because i found horandy ammo was as good as i was willing to produce. i wasn't really interested in becoming a machinist and going to the enth degree. with the cost of ammo, my 338 RUM being about $125 a box of 20, going through the ceiling, i will be starting up again. i just need the space to do it right and thats not out in the barn. someday one of the kids will leave home and then its my gun crap space as the wife puts it.

sorry i strayed, slow is a good thing when it comes to reloading. to answer the original question from the first poster, there is no short cut really. you need to methodically work on loads that suit your needs and work best in your firearms.
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