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frontiergander, are you a certified gunsmith? Are you Qualified to mechanically adjust or modify weapons or have you been trained by Connecticut Valley Arms to teach others how to modify or mechanically adjust/modify their weapons?

Personally I think your willingness and desire to help others is outstanding but I think you're putting yourself in areas where you shouldnt be putting yourself.

It's one thing to explain cleaning procedures on muzzleloaders or offer advice/tips on how a shooter might be able to develop better accuracy by using different bullets or trying different gun powders but I think there should be a limit as to the amount of information you offer people, SOME information is helpful to the shooter, TOO MUCH information could be harmful to the shooter.
I don't think anyone here is out of line with you or attacking you over how you boast about the ways you tamper with your weapons,
I think you're missing the whole point everyone is trying to pass along to you, it's okay to be helpful but you have to remember that some of the advice you give about altering/upgrading/tinkering/tampering/modifying or whatever else you want to call it could be procedures that cuse someone to get hurt and as far as I'm concerned you're more than welcome to do as you please with any weapon you own but for GOD'S sake don't allow your desire to help others be the advice that could lead to someone elses misfortune.

Just because you're mechanically inclined and capable of upgrading you shouldn't assume everyone else is capable as well.

Do you see the point we're all trying to make here and don't you understand why we're concerned? Dude it's your safety as well as others.

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