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I am in touch with Western Powders and they dont have any problems shooting BH209 in a sidelock with the 209 adapter. They gave me 2 thumbs up when i was doing duplexing BH209 with jim shockeys gold in my hawken, no safety issues as the pressures were more than safe.

Blackhorn doesnt recommend shooting the powder in open style rifles, Buckhorn, knight mk93 - lk93 - White rifles, muzzle loaders that use plunger style rifles. breech plugs that use the slot for removal " screw driver style plug"

My mag spark exploded to the the manf. changing up the original design, unknown the to patent holder until now. They weakened it and this could have happened with ANY powder.

Oops forgot, after shipping i made under $90 on it. Add the work i put into it, thrown in 30-40 360gr lee minie bullets i made, assortment of targets + $60 durasight QD rings, i basically gave it away.

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