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Originally Posted by FrontierGander View Post
well ben hubbard will be giving me either a call or an email in the next couple days. The company i bought it off of forwarded ben my email and they are sending me a refund and ben will explain some stuff about the CNC machine on the last batch that were made.

The last time i spoke with Ben he seemed like a great guy so i have confidence that he'll have a good reason to what happened.
"LAST TIME",,, you should consider yourself lucky this time that you're unharmed and able to listen to a reason but for the record there doesn't need to be a reason for any failure of a machine manufactured part that was later added to the weapons functionality,, keep in mind the weapon wasn't at fault BUT if you would have been harmed the weapon would have been put on trial because of your tinkering.
The BIG question is, Will this failure be enough for you to see the risks of tampering with your weapons? OR, are you going to continue tinkering and keep putting yourself in harms way?

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