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I think most of us are hunters first here and shoot to zero a gun in and then to make sure its ready for the next trip. Not too many are going to tinker with them day in and day out, with TC you don't have too. As far as someone making a living fixing things, I just had my 2010 Chevy back to the dealer to do some warranty work does that mean that Chevy trucks shouldn't be purchased. FG, it must be terrible always being an underdog supporter, the pressure has to be down right miserable. It's got to get to you at some point? Like when a outranked opponent steps into the ring against the undisputed champian and is going to get his butt kicked everytime, that's the take I get from all the CVA stuff. I also know that as a moderator I tend to push things a bit when I think something is factually untrue, but fair and balanced like Fox News I try to do my best. TC TC TC TC, Knight, Traditions, Lyman, .......CVA

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