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Its my passion to tinker with things and see if i can make them shoot better. Free floating a barrel or forearm should be something done on all rifles, it helps greatly during the summer heat.

A 5/32" flash channel in a breech plug allows you to shoot more shots and be less affected by the carbon build up causing your shots to slow down.

Adjusting your head spacing for a tighter fit to eliminate primer blow by also helps keep pressures inside the breech plug level and clean. A gun that shoots more soot into the action than into the barrel isnt going to be very consistent IMO.

A clean bore may shoot tighter groups than a filthy bore, especially when shooting T7 or pyrodex.

Mike Bellm of Bellmtcs makes a living off of repairing TC's mess up's.
thanks for confirming the point of my question. why sould you have to tinker with them to make them shoot better. not needed with a tc.

and i know guys/shops that use to put the cva trade-ins in a barrel for 50 bucks. now they won't even take them in trade. all it takes is to look at a tc and cva side by side (same gun like both hawkens) to see the quality difference and tc's castings, machining, fit and finish is far superior.
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