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Changed up my shooting today

Left the lead sled out home and slung the tack driver bag rest over my shoulder and went out to do some shooting laying down. I didnt shoot my normal powder but instead used american pioneer 2f ( 90 grains) 300gr powerbelt platinum and winchester w209 primers. First shot on a clean bore is always off so thats basically just the fouler shot that the company recommends that you do.

Shots 2 and 3 were touching and shot 4 for some reason " most likely me' dropped down a couple inches. Still well within the kill zone. Shot 5 just a bit above shots 2 and 3. Pretty consistent considering i didnt allow any cool down time and the fact that i had to push through a crud ring the W209 primers leave behind. I took a total of 8 shots if you count the fouling shot. They grouped pretty decent but i think on my regular rest they'd have looked a lot better.

Time to wash up! Ground was still damp from the snow melting but it was worth it. I need to start getting back into that form of shooting and stop relying on the sled.
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