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Blackhorn209 in my Sidelock

Got my small upgrade in today for my sidelock. Its hard as heck getting #11s here and plus my powder doesnt work with them so i ordered a 209 adapter and got it in today. I havent shot this rifle much since i traded for it, but its a cva mountain stalker .54cal 1:48 twist.

Loaded up with 70gr blackhorn209 and a 295gr powerbelt hollow point, shes ready to rock n roll tomorrow morning!

Ive only fired it twice today but ignition was instant and recoil very sharp. Rifle weighs 5lbs 10oz and so that powerbelt really picks up a bit more recoil over the round ball.

I am going to start off with powerbelts first as they are easier to use in the snow. I will switch back to .530 round balls as they are mainly what i will use in this rifle with the blackhorn powder.
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