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Well obviously these people must believe they are Christians. And maybe they have been saved and they are in fact of the Christian faith, but they are really doing a good job of turning people away from our beliefs. I agree, doing this is not appropriate. What's sad is that non-believers see this and are outraged to the point where they say "see this is why I'm not a Christian". As Christians we are like adults around little kids. We're being watched. Our every move. Satan has a way of making non-believers very, very, VERY conscious of what we're doing every second of the day. Every time we slip up, non-believers see that. Now that said, no one is perfect. But that's why Jesus tells us to live a "Chris-like" life. That way the chances of this happening is greatly reduced. What difference would it make if we were saved and didn't act like it? Would we really be saved? Well the outside world would say NO. I personally know alot of STRONG Christian believers who are very radical when it comes to certain issues. Sometimes it's best to pray about something you care for rather than post picket signs and chant things that can easily get carried away. I'm not saying I agree with these people, but obviously they care about their beliefs in this situation. Christians need to consider other's views and beliefs before they put their foot in their mouth. Once again, I would say this is a group of people that need praying for guys. If they truely are saved, they need repentance of this sin in their lives. They need to be convicted by God Himself of this disrespectful and hatred act. It's not our job to judge them.... but in this case, it's easy to know what is right and what is wrong....

James 1:2-8
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