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We may not believe this but it is all still under God's control. Just because we don't understand what God is doing, NEVER make the mistake he is doing nothing. Are you angry? Are you ready to do something about this? Already he has stirred you in ways you may never have been.
As for these people being Christian, if it don't walk like a duck and it don't quack like a duck chances are it ain't a duck.
Does the term false prophet come to mind? There is probably one person who says gray is orange and all the lemmings line up to follow him off the cliff. Witness the last election and our change, how's that working for you? The inmates are running the asylum!
All I suggest is we who say nothing need to get legally active to change this trend. If you aren't part of the solution you are part of the problem. These guys thrive on apathy and we feed them pretty good.
So this old boy is going to start by being a better Christian and I'm going to get politically active.
Thanks I feel better.
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