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I'd be pretty ticked off if I did have issues with quality on any firearm purchased. I just know I'm pretty much assured that I'll have no problems purchasing/owning a TC product. I can tell you that certain parts on my Knight Extreme are not up to TC quality. This is a fact too, CVA made really cheap Spanish kits and guns starting out and they have come a really long way. TC made a high quality product right from the get go! We'll see what happens to TC in the future with new ownership, I just know their high quality past is well earned! Remember everyone we all get a fair opinion here don't be thin skinned though! FG and I will banter back and forth just like BB and I do regarding Traditions vs TC, it's all part of the fun here. I can't think of anyone who knows CVA better than FG, however, there's whole lot of history and experience to debate for future posts. Anyone shooting flintlocks?

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