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Am I really that different?

Seems I rarely see anyone mentioning fixed powered scopes any more as everyone normally talks scopes with high magnification and big "light gathering" lenses. Can I be the only hunter who still enjoys the simplicity of a fixed power scope on some of their hunting rifles?

Yes, I own a good number of variable power scopes as well, but I don't think I own any scope that's over 9X on any rifle. I like the fact that a quality fixed power can cost a good bit less than a comparable variable (same maker & line). Of course, that's not always the case anymore either.

I was a tad skeptical myself at first after finding some killer deals on discontinued fixed power scopes (not popular, apparently!) that brought me several nice Redfield Wideview 4Xs and at least two nice Nikon Monarch 4Xs, all at under a 100 $$ bill. I've also got a nice older 4X Burris FF and newer version of the Weaver K4. I'm a litle disappointed I didn't cash in on a closeout Zeiss 4X too, when I saw it.

I've found that the fixed power scopes don't really hurt my groups at 100 yards either. I've shot some very small groups with them, getting them set up on their respective rifles. I'd have no problem using one out to about 250 yds on big game too, with the tests I've done (practicing aiming on deer/hogs from my stand)

Off the top of my head, I have fixed power scopes on rifles in 6.5x55, .270 Win, 7X57, 30/06 and 8X57. So, am I really the only one who still likes fixed low powered scopes for hunting or what??
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