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I agree Tator,

My wife Katie and I have gone thru financial peace university given by author Dave Ramsey, he also has a talk show on a Christian radio station I listen to.
our goal and again this is just what you can personally handle is tithe 10% to church or a christian school for troubled teens in Lakemont, NY Freedom Village.
God has been stearing me toward this school for some reason, I think cuz I can relate to them from my previous foster homes as a young child and teen.
Mr. Ramsey swears by tithing once you get your house in order, the thing is you are doing something for someone other then ourselves which is rewarding in its own respect, and always remembering it is not my money I give but God's, for without him we would have nothing... I realize it is all God's and he is giving it on loan to me as long as I am on Earth, I cannot claim anything as truly mine other than my own soul, looking at the big picture is what it's all about, living for the Father.
I am not yet close to giving 10%, but like I said it is my goal.
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