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I was watching 20/20 last night and saw Charlie Sheen on the show. Man-o-man does he need our prayers guys. I first off don't agree with his so called "hit show" 2 1/2 men. There are many things on that show that are not Biblical and it's just NOT a good show to watch. I discourage any of you from watching it. But also, Mr. Sheen is clearly not doing good. Yesterday was March 1, 2011 and I don't give this actor a year to live. He looked that bad. He's going to overdose and die just like all the other actors out there who get lost in the "big-time life". It's so sad, I think. He had a beautiful wife and I think at least 1 child that he's given up. It's hard when someone in your life resorts to using drugs and focuses their time on it rather than you. Obviously people are more important than drugs.
Let's all pray for him. That he'll have a repenting attitude of his life so far. That he will be lifted up in front of our Lord and that God will protect him from any wrong doings.

Good luck Charlie

James 1:2-8
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