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As a fellow New Yorker I understand what your saying. It has been said that late births are mother natures way of keeping the young safe from those "spring blizzards." But like you mentioned in your post the late births leave the fawns very vulnerable in late fall early winter. With that global warming thing going on I believe that New York winters are nowhere as extreme say as 15-20 years ago, but I'm in Western New York where the famous "lake affect machine" can turn things around before the weather man reports it. Another factor that concerns me is the expansion of the coyote. These pests made it all the way into Buffalo suburbs. And they do put a hurting on the deer and turkey in my area. The mountain lion too has creeped up from the Southern Tier Allegany Mountain area. I'll never pass up a shot on coyotes even if theres a "monster buck" in the area. If it's little things that we can do to protect the herd I'll do whatever I can.
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