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Originally Posted by FrontierGander View Post
But yeah, i'd easily recommend the TC Over a traditions when the prices are close. Personally you'd probably get a junk scope and rings on the traditions so there you just went and spent the $$ on something that didnt work out. LOL
This is an opinion from a guy who boasts and brags heavily about CVA muzzleloaders.
frontiergander, If you'd choose a TC so quickly over a Traditions then why are you so supportive of CVA muzzleloaders?

frontiergander, let me ask you a very serious question and please don't take this question as a personal insult or anything, I'm just real curious as to why you support cva muzzleloaders so strongly.
Here goes the big question,

If cva muzzleloaders are (as you say), such good shooting weapons, then WHY do you always have so many posts with instructions on how you have to tamper with each one you shoot in order to obtain good accuracy?

and I don't mean instructions for minor trigger pull adjustments, you've made posts about drilling out breech plugs and all sorts of other dangerous practices. whats up with that?
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