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Someyhing To Think About...

'Ever see really small tracks along trails or really young fawns during hunting season? I have seen an upswing in this over the past several years.
At the same time, I've noticed that the "second season" has become nearly as active as the first here in New York. (indicating that this has been happening for some time now)
Sure, it gives us more hunting opportunities but what does it do the herd???
With more and more does breeding late, more and more fawns are "dropped" late (young bucks as well) That's fine as long as there are mild winters and lots of forage.
What will happen when a substantial number of deer fall into this category and we experience a brutal winter or a sub-par mast crop??? I have not seen this discussed anywhere by anyone. Yet, we as hunters are the final link in the conservation of our deer herds,
What do you guys think?????
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