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All this talk brings me to the idea of bow hunting. Isn't that almost the same as using a .22? The deer just takes off and then you have to chase him down after an eternity of him running? That doesn't sound to humane to me. I have never bow hunted before but from what I see of it on outdoor shows, that is how it appears to me. Please correct me if I am wrong.
you can't compare the 2. they both kill differently or by different means. bullets kill by energy delivered and arrows kill by hemorrhaging. so a bigger caliber delivers more energy than a 22 and this is why in most states a 22 lr is illegal. people that use a 22lr are more than likily the folks fish and game would love to talk to.

anyway, the shock of the bullet explodes the cells like shooting a jug of water only at a cellular level. arrows kill by bleeding to death and letting the air out of them. by cutting open the lungs and arteries. a sucking chest wound in the medical field. this can take a few mins or even longer, where bullets explode things including bone which means at times they die right there but not always. the last 4 deer i shot with a bow have died in sight and just as fast as any i shot with a gun.

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