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Originally Posted by spiker View Post
First off the bowhunting remarks are ridiculous any well placed double lung shot the deer is runnind dead and will pile up sometimes under 10 yards.Any bad shot be it bow or gun is gonna cause problems whether its a 30/06,slug, or broadheads.People are either not proficient with there weapon or take bad shots they have no business taking.But in hunting sometimes bad shots do occur but thats part of it and you have to accept it.
Point taken. I wasn't trying to cause a controversy over the ethics of bow hunting, just point out an observation. I do admit that I have never bow hunted nor have I seen it in person actually performed. Every show I have seen has had the deer run off for some length, but if you tell me that with a properly placed shot (similar to rifle hunting) that the deer will fall in a short amount of time, then I am ok with that.
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